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Co-op Information

Highpoint Center for Printmaking is an environment dedicated to the practice of fine art related printmaking. We offer classes for people of all ages, host community related events and exhibitions, invite artists to collaborate with Highpoint Editions, and provide the community an opportunity to join a vital group of artists by offering the Highpoint Co-op Membership. Through this Cooperative program members have access to a state-of-the-art printmaking studio and a chance to interact with other artists.

The Highpoint Co-op Membership grants the personal use of Highpoint’s Co-op facilities, a 50% discount on most classes, and inclusion in Highpoint Co-op member exhibitions. Co-op members work at Highpoint on an independent basis to produce their own prints and therefore must be at least 18 years of age or older. The Co-op at Highpoint is designed specifically for individuals who have demonstrated an appropriate level of experience in printmaking and are granted access to work in one or more printmaking techniques, including relief, lithography, intaglio, and screen printing. While not all new members have extensive experience in their chosen medium, we do require that they have the ability to use the facilities correctly, independently, safely, and with consideration for other members.

Prospective members need to read and fill out a full application form, interview with the Artists’ Cooperative Manager to assess technical ability, and complete a thorough studio and safety orientation before using the studio. Applications can be downloaded from our website, www.highpointprintmaking.org or stop by Highpoint and ask for one.

If you have questions call 612.871.1326 or email info@highpointprintmaking.org.


Three-Month (Non-Working)

  • $200.00 per month, for three months
  • Must be a current Highpoint Supporting Member, $40.00 per year minimum
  • $100.00 refundable damage / contract completion deposit
  • 3 additional consecutive months available at $175.00 per month

Six-month (Non-Working)

  • $175.00 per month, for six months *
  • Must be a current Highpoint Supporting Member, $40.00 per year minimum **
  • $100.00 refundable damage / contract completion deposit
  • Additional consecutive months available at $175.00 each
  • Right to defer use for one month within contract period

Six-Month (Working), Limited availability

  • $100.00 per month, for six months *
  • Must be a current Highpoint Supporting Member, $40.00 per year minimum **
  • $100.00 refundable damage / contract completion deposit
  • Additional consecutive months available at $100.00
  • Right to defer use for one month within contract period
  • Contract holder agrees to 1.5 hours, 1 day per week of weekly scheduled and assigned duties

Discounted Rates

  • Recent Highpoint Interns: monthly discount for one year following completion of internship.
  • Recent college graduates: $25 monthly discount for first year after graduation.
  • Currently enrolled university level students: $25 Monthly Discount.
  • Returning members: 2% off each consecutive year of membership for up to 6 years or 12%.
  • New members:
    * New co-op members receive a 50% discount on their first months’ dues.
    ** $40.00 Highpoint Supporting Membership fee waived for the first year of co-op membershipDiscounts can be combined but some restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more information.


Regardless of contract or past experience, ALL applicants are expected to understand and adhere to basic agreements of working in the co-op, including:

  • Responsibility of knowing and applying all health and safety guidelines
  • Ability to work responsibly and independently
  • Respect for and proper usage of facilities and shop equipment, including taking into consideration your limitations within the studio
  • Cleanliness and willingness to pick up after yourself
  • Consideration and respect for other members, their space, and property
  • Members may not use the facilities to print for other artists nor allow any non-co-op member to use the Highpoint facilities, tools, equipment, or supplies
  • Highpoint tools, equipment, or supplies are strictly NOT to be removed from Highpoint by anyone under any circumstances

Internet use: Co-op Members have access to the public Internet through Highpoint’s wi-fi network. Highpoint reserves the right to specifically restrict or filter any access or internet sites. Members are expected to maintain the strictest ethical and legal standards including:

  • Follow copyright and intellectual property laws
  • Follow terms and conditions as outlined on visited sites
  • Do not access any site whose content is illegal or creates a hostile environment

Security: Members should be aware that surveillance cameras are running and recording at all times for security purposes.

Contract Changes: Occasionally, changes may need to be made to contract agreements and shop policies. If substantial changes are made to these agreements, existing members will be offered the option to drop their contract and receive an appropriate refund. Highpoint’s board of directors makes final decisions as to the operations and policies of the co-op.


Membership fees are due on the first of each month, with a grace period extending until the fifth. After the fifth, a late fee of $25.00 will be charged. If payment is not received by the 15th, use of the shop will be suspended until the debt is paid. All fees are payable with cash or check only, unless members wish to pay 3 or more months at one time, then that amount may be charged to a VISA or MasterCard. If you need to submit a payment (Co-op monthly fee, exhibit fee, etc.) please deliver one of the following three ways:

  1. By mail (USPS, FedEx, UPS or any other reliable service.)
  2. Hand deliver DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.) Give check to Kaitlin, Carla or Josh only.
  3. Hand deliver AFTER HOURS (5pm – midnight or weekends.) ALL checks and cash MUST be placed under the Executive Director’s (Carla’s) office door. Be sure it is clear who the payment is from and what the payment is for. Currently, Carla’s office is the most secure place within Highpoint to put your money. DO NOT put checks or cash on the reception desk when a staff member is not present. We cannot be held responsible for payments that are received in this fashion. Receipts are issued either at the end of the contract or the end of the calendar year upon request only.


The Studio Manager must be notified before the end of a contract to discuss renewal, extension or completion. After finishing a three-month contract, members may add three (or six) additional months for a rate not to exceed $175 per month. Month-to-month membership is available only after a six or three-month membership is completed and at the same rate as the most recent contract. Month-to-month and three-month members do not have the option to defer a month. If there is a month that you will be leaving the shop and not paying your monthly membership fee, then it is required that you move out of the shop, return your electronic key, receive your security deposit and formally re-apply to rejoin the co-op at a later date.


All members are expected to follow through with the full duration of their contracts. In the event that a member is unable to do so, their initial damage/contract completion deposit will not be refunded. In the event that a member fails to clean out their storage possessions a full month after their last paid membership month, Highpoint reserves the right to dispose of and/or donate useable materials to co-op members or HP classes.

Co-op membership may be revoked for not adhering to the basic agreements. Membership contracts are considered complete when six or three full paid months are completed, depending on the contract. If a member would like to start sooner than the first of the month, we can prorate access time, but the contract will not officially start until the first of the following month.

Members must inform the studio manager of contract completion BEFORE the end of the month. Members must remove ALL materials from flat files, storage lockers or elsewhere in Highpoint, (screens, photo emulsion, plates, woodblocks, etc.), remove images from stones and return electronic key BEFORE the first of the non-contract month. Deposit return check will be mailed to the member AFTER all items are removed and key has been returned.

A portion or the entire deposit may be retained by Highpoint in the event that:

  • equipment is damaged
  • hazardous materials are left behind
  • image is left on a litho stone
  • contract is broken
  • key is not returned
  • shop equipment or materials/supplies suddenly disappear without explanation
  • member does not vacate and return key before the first of the non-contract month


Six month working or non-working contracts provide the option of deferring one months’ use of the studio and that month’s fee. For a deferral to be accepted, working members must notify the Studio Manager at least one week before the beginning of the deferral month. Non-working members can notify the studio manager up until the first of the deferral month. A deferral within a six- month contract adds an extra month to complete the six months of paid access.


Co-op members receive a 50% discount on most Highpoint adult printmaking classes (one per class season, limit three co-op discount spots per class), access to group supply orders (paper, copper, inks, etc), the opportunity to participate in co-op member exhibitions in the winter and summer, invitations to special events/lectures, and one flat file and one locker for storage. Co-op member exhibits are an opportunity for members to display and sell works completed at Highpoint, and increase Co-op visibility in the community. A 20% commission will be charged on works sold. Each show participant contributes a fee to cover the postcard, stamps, hanging materials, and glass as well as 5–6 hours of their time toward preparation and execution of the exhibition. Additionally, the Threshold Gallery is an in-house space for rotating co-op member solo exhibitions, and the Crump print library is open to co-op members from 9–5 Monday-Friday and 12–4 on Saturdays.


Each member will receive one flat file and one locker. Additional small/medium flat files are available for $2.50 each per month and lockers and additional large flat files are available for an additional $5 each per month.

Members who wish to “take a break” between contracts, but do not wish to lose their storage may pay $25 per month for one flat file and one storage locker plus any extra storage fees as long as space permits and for no longer than 3 consecutive months. The storage/holding fee is due up front and by the 5th of the starting month (example: three months storage starting in May and ending in July = $75 due before May 5.) Access to storage is available only during regular business hours.


Members are expected to supply their own plates, paper, hand tools, colored inks, gloves, sizing catchers, screens, brushes, sponges, tape, photo emulsion, and other miscellaneous personal supplies. Please label all your personal supplies and materials with your name. Some supplies provided by Highpoint include lithography stones (on a limited basis), presses, gum arabic, black inks, press blankets, blotters, newsprint, tympans, solvents, etchants, brayers, rollers, etc.


Highpoint Co-op members may use the studio from 9am until midnight everyday. Occasional changes to access hours due to classes, events, openings, etc. are posted 30 days prior. Information about these changes can be found posted in the shop and online at: Coop Member Calendar

Electronic key fobs are assigned for access. If a key is lost, the responsible coop member is charged a $10 replacement fee.


Co-op Members work independently while sharing the studio with fellow artists. The open and collaborative spirit of the studio is one of the most desired aspects of the cooperative print shop. By following these guidelines when you are working, you will help keep Highpoint a safe, organized, and inviting place to work.

Pick up after yourself when using the studio.

Discard paper and trash, place used rags in red fire cans, sweep up metal filings and wood/linoleum chips, and place all shop equipment and solvent and ink containers in their proper storage areas. Rinse the spray out booth and empty strainer baskets in sinks when appropriate. Thoroughly rinse ferric chloride from plates (both front and back) and wipe down the ferric area to prevent damage to work surfaces with the corrosive etchant. Cleanliness adds GREATLY to the safety and overall functioning of the shop.

Clean up all surfaces in the work areas you used when finished.

Clean up any work surfaces you have used (counters, tabletops, sinks, etc). Don’t forget to wipe up press beds, press handles, and check the floor for spills around the area you have worked.

Know the proper clean up of inks and solvents.

To clean oil-based inks from glass surfaces:

  1. Remove as much ink as you can with the razor scraper, wipe excess ink from the scraper onto a phone book page.
  2. Add a small amount of Press-Pro to the surface and wipe clean with a white rag.
  3. Next, Spray Big Red onto the surface and wipe dry with a different white rag. Big Red will remove the grease left behind by the Press-Pro .

To degrease a surface, try Big Red first. If that doesn’t work use, denatured alcohol. Use white shop rags ONLY to clean up oily materials and solvents. Use paper towels for water-based messes.

Clean rollers and brayers thoroughly after use.

To clean rollers and brayers:

  1. Remove excess ink from the roller or brayer by rolling it onto a clean area of your ink slab, it’s easier to remove ink from a slab than a roller or brayer.
  2. Use Roller/Brayer Wash on a shop towel to clean any remaining ink from the rubber surface (Roller/Brayer Wash is made specifically for cleaning rollers and brayers). When the rag wipes clean, the roller or brayer is clean.
  3. Be sure to also clean the sides of the roller or brayer, the handle and the chock or stand.

Never use acetone on a roller or brayer. Check the “Studio Cleaning/Solvent Use” list posted in the ventilation booth if you are unsure of what to use for a specific purpose.

Be conservative with studio owned inks and other materials.

Always scrape ink from the top in a circular manner, never gouge ink (this includes poking and scooping) ink out of the can. Gouged inks become unusable and have to be thrown out. Take care not to waste expendable materials such as newsprint, solvents, and inks – use only as much as you need. Consider the cleanliness of your hands before touching blankets and press or door handles. This is a safer practice for the environment, helps to keep membership costs low, and aids the production of professional-quality work.

Consider Highpoint’s mission and avoid large editions (more than fifty, depending on size) or projects that may be questionable in regards to Highpoint’s mission. A good way to determine whether your project is appropriate for production in this space: Would you exhibit your print/project in a fine art gallery? If not, then it probably isn’t an appropriate use of Highpoint’s space, equipment, or supplies.

Recycle and reuse materials whenever possible.

Whenever possible, use rags until they are fully dirty before grabbing a new rag. Use fresh newsprint only for printing or drying prints; place slightly used used newsprint in the stack beneath the ventilation booth for use on work surfaces, proofing, etc. Make sure you are placing recyclable material in the proper containers. Do not recycle containers that held solvents, inks, etc.


Be aware of the needs of other people working around you in the shop.

Music (content and volume), the number of your personal visitors, the amount of time you need for the exclusive use of a press or piece of equipment, the amount of space you take up with a project, and other personal work habits can directly impact fellow members.

We ask that you please keep your number of outside visitors to a minimum. If a non-member will be giving you basic assistance, it will need to be approved ahead of time by the Studio Manager. However, please keep in mind that non-members are strictly prohibited from operating or handling co-op equipment (presses, squeegees, files, rollers, etc), using solvents, or any printmaking related supplies.

Different styles and work habits taken into account, members who consistently interfere with others ability to work may be asked to alter their behavior. Repeatedly problematic, unsafe or disruptive behavior may result in termination of co-op membership and access.

Prints may not be kept in the drying racks for extended amounts of time.

There is a very limited amount of space for drying prints, please keep your prints in the racks only as long as it takes for them to dry. Generally speaking, three – four days should suffice for most media. Prints needlessly left in the racks for longer than five days risk being moved and, eventually, disposed of if they are not claimed.

Alcohol and illicit drug consumption is not allowed at Highpoint.

The only exceptions for alcohol consumption being opening receptions and other special events that Highpoint provides the beverages for.

Information for Working Member Contracts:

Highpoint offers six-month Co-op Member contracts with lower rates in exchange for weekly work duties. Non-working members pay more per month so that they do not have to worry about whether supplies are stocked, workspaces are clean, etc.

Working members are assigned a day during each week in which they are expected to complete assigned tasks equaling 1.5 hours. Duties include sweeping, mopping, emptying trash, cleaning bathrooms, re-stocking select supplies and other related cleaning and maintenance jobs. The working shifts are to be completed between 5pm and midnight on weekdays and weekends. You will be expected to follow through on your duties each week on your assigned day for the duration of your contract.

You must contact the Studio Manager if you are unable to complete your shift on your assigned day. Any missed shifts will result in a $25 fee except in the case of an illness, personal or family emergency or deferred month. The fee is assessed at noon on the day following the absence. Chronic or excessive missed shifts or unsatisfactory completion of tasks may result in a review of your contract or you may be asked to resign your working member status.

Working Co-op memberships are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the Artists’ Cooperative manager for availability.

Download a PDF of the Co-op Contract:

2016 Co-op Contract.compressed

Download A Co-op Application:

2016-Co-op-Contract.pdf (191 KB)