Jerome Residency 2016–2017

Lauren Flynn, Jeremy Lundquist, and Mark Schoening

From September 2016 through May 2017, Jerome Emerging Printmakers Lauren Flynn, Mark Schoening, and Jeremy Lundquist utilized the cooperative printshop at Highpoint to generate much of the work featured in their culminating exhibition on view in Highpoint’s galleries through June 24.

For his part, Mark Schoening created a series of visual games. Utilizing relief print, screen print, and laser cut inlayed collage, he obsessively rearranged and organized pattern into optically charged compositions wherein repetition morphs simple gestures into a constant buzz of visual noise.

Lauren Flynn’s prints provide space for the visual languages of minimalism, screen interstices, and process-based accidents to intermingle. She uses aquatint in combination with paper stencils to generate images which are at once carefully constructed and happenstance. It is within this constant negotiation between logic and exception, gestural and geometric, edge and gradient that she remains on the lookout for images that resist closure.

Jeremy Lundquist‘s featured prints address the endlessness of modern warfare. Lundquist recontextualizes current newspaper headlines about the conflict in Afghanistan while expanding traditional printmaking techniques, such as lithography and etching. Through a process of enlarging, altering, repeating and erasing, Lundquist complicates the intended message of his source materials, calling into question the ability to bring about an end to war.


Left to right: Lauren Flynn, Pavel Pyś (Curator of Visual Art, Walker Art Center), Jeremy Lundquist, and Mark Schoening.

Highpoint would like to offer our sincere gratitude to this years jurors; John-Mark Schlink and Kristin Mackholm as well as our visiting critics Pavel Pyś, Carolyn Swiszcz, Kristin Mackholm and John-Mark Schlink.

The residency, funded with a generous grant from the Jerome Foundation, is open to emerging Minnesota printmakers — defined here as artists who show significant potential, yet have not received a commensurate amount of professional accomplishment or recognition regardless of age or recognition in other fields. Residents were selected on the basis of their dedication, interest, and potential in printmaking as well as the artistic merit of their work.

Highpoint extends its deep gratitude to The Jerome Foundation for its 14 years of support of this program. The Jerome Foundation, created by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill (1905-1972), seeks to contribute to a dynamic and evolving culture by supporting the creation, development, and production of new works by emerging artists. Based in St. Paul, MN, the Foundation makes grants to not-for-profit arts organizations and artists in Minnesota and New York City.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2017-2018 Jerome Emerging Printmakers. For more information on the residency and application process, click here.