Polyester Plate Lithography

  • Dates: Friday, February 28 from 6 – 9pm; Saturday and Sunday, March 1 and 2 from 9 am – 5pm
  • Ages: 18+; All skill levels welcome
  • Cost: $195 (10% discount for HP members)
  • Registration: Deadline is Monday, February 17
  • Enrollment: Maximum 10; minimum 6
  • Instructor: Megan Anderson

This introductory-level course will demonstrate how quickly Polyester Plate Lithography can be learned and how easily it can be utilized to make prints. Polyester plate lithography involves minimal processing compared to other printmaking techniques and printing from the plate itself is straightforward. The emphasis in this course will be on hand-drawn rather than digitally produced imagery, which will allow for a greater focus on printing.

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About the Instructor: Megan Anderson studied printmaking at Savannah College of Art and Design. After she obtained her BFA, she moved to Minneapolis to intern with Highpoint Editions and was hired as an assistant printer following her internship. Megan co-taught a Polyester Plate workshop at Highpoint and assisted Rodney Hamon, Education Director, Tamarind Institute for Lithography, with a plate lithography workshop in 2012. Megan completed her training for the Professional Printer Certificate at Tamarind in 2013.