Artemio Rodríguez

Artemio Rodriguez event

Galloping Death

Galloping Death, a linoleum relief print of Artemio Rodríguez’s image was carved by participants at a lecture/demonstration on September 13, 2007 and printed in black ink by Highpoint staff on September 27, 2007. The print will be sold to help fund a printing press for La Mano Press’ (Rodríguez’s print shop and artist’s cooperative in Los Angeles) Graphico Movil. Graphico Movil will allow Rodríguez to bring printmaking to the LA community and elsewhere.

In 2007 Artemio Rodríguez organized and curated a show on Mexican Printmaking at Highpoint, Graphic Reality: Mexican Printmaking Today.

Rodríguez’ own artistic background echoes this sense of commitment. He first learned printmaking from a book publisher working in his hometown in Mexico. Now in his 30’s, Rodríguez has lived in the U.S. for the past thirteen years; he co-founded La Mano Press in Los Angeles and his prints have been widely exhibited as well as collected and published in the book American Dream.